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A Citizen-Centric Initiative

Citizen can send a blank SMS or "VIGEYE" to 09223174440 from their android phones. They will get a SMS containing the registration link They can download Mobile application free of cost on the mobile phones which will empower them to do their fundamental duty (Article 51A) and make India better. Citizen should register first before you start uploading photo, audio, video, documents or complaints or suggestions relating to any issues of your interest.

1. In Project Vigeye citizen can report complaints of corruption,

2. In Make my India Better Citizen can prove their contribution to clean India,

3. In Secure India Citizen can report potential hazardous for state action to follow .

With the issues of concern uploaded by citizen on this platform, Indian CST a Public Charitable Trust will forward to the concerned state agencies for action and keeping the citizen informed.

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