Products and Cloud Computing Solutions available at Indian CST:

Today Indian CST has established itself as an Not for Profit organization who has been providing crowd sourcing expertise, built credentials, platforms, case studies, publications of reports have been successfully completed as pilot projects, certain prototypes completed and successful project implementations done along with GPMS onsite-Training programs conducted, Indian CST team has been supporting their clients, partners, organizations till date from the year 2009 onwards.

GPMS-Global Project Monitoring System is a new Project Monitoring Tool with Task Management System for Project Monitoring online through Mobile phone to assist task teams supervision, Online Survey System for any Project feedback for conducting Implementation Impact Analysis Studies integrated with Latitude / Longitude captured automatically, from Hand Held/Mobile Devices to Capture Data from Ground, an end-to-end solution for any Government/Private Corporation to manage their project/s online, to get real time information updates from all their stake holders.

Potential Impact:

Indian CST data centre infrastructure on the highly secured PSU datacentre will be able to offer GPMS-e-governance cloud computing solutions to all the central government departments , state government departments in India and across the Globe so that revenues can be generated from across these above GPMS cloud computing solutions verticals with communications management, monitoring and tracking online provided as a service that can be used online by entrepreneurs, business houses, public private partnerships consortium team members, service personnel, intelligence, investigation agencies, state governments, local authorities and allied ministries as their Knowledge Management System too that can be availed from Indian CST as affordable GPMS Cloud computing solutions as a service for any organizations to use online from a PSU secured datacentre as paid service.

1. Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere access GPMS cloud computing solutions as a service

2. Increases transparency and efficiency in Government Departments, Organizations

3. Reduces time and Saves cost

Indian CST's GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions offered as a Service will become the main advantage for any organization to use those who want to bring Transparency in their existing systems: Highly Replicable Model, Potential to replicate this model at various sectors with adjustment to language and structure, across other states in India and across other countries for Data Utilization and Evidence-Based Decision Making.

Sl. No Name of Organization Objective Deliverables
1. GPMS-Global Project Monitoring System An end-to-end solution available for any Government organization or department use to manage /monitor their QPR's, Stake Holders, Complaints, Feedbacks, MIS Reports, programs, projects online to get real time information updates from all their stake holders
2. GPMS- E-File management System Available for any Government department to move files online for giving approvals or rejecting and for any BPO's to digitize data online just by viewing the scanned documents online.
3. GPMS-Investor Relationship Management System Available for any Govt. ministry or department use to manage investors who have proposed to invest in the country, state etc., this helps them monitor, track communications, projects, various stages of Investments, MSME's Schemes and grants, etc.
4. GPMS- Online and offline Survey System with Geo tagging Available for any Government to monitor their Projects or for getting feedback for conducting Implementation Impact Analysis Studies integrated with Latitude / Longitude captured automatically for technologies, schemes, products, programs surveys undertaken etc., from Hand Held/Mobile Devices Capture Data from Ground; Beneficiary Verification System (Dashboard) hosts all Data and Metrics in a Central Location for dynamic real-time display of information online for public viewing / decision making.
5. GPMS- Task Management System available For any Government Project monitoring online to use through Mobile devises or phones to assist their task teams by having a wide array of reliable data to focus limited supervision capacity.
6. GPMS- Environment Health Safety System Available for any Government Project monitoring remote sites with Video Surveillance and for monitoring medical reimbursement schemes online of the organization or project related stake holders, employees etc.
7. GPMS-Compliant Management System Available for any Government Project or Citizen charter's use for brining in the public participation in this specific project or view status of complaints online.
8. GPMS- Financial Management System Available for any Government department to Track their incoming all Receipts and outgoing Payments happening in real time along with Bank reconciliation enabled online.
9. GPMS-Financial Document Management System Available for any Government department to scan and upload their vendor bills online, digitize and post to Financial Management system for generating various Tax compliance reports or mismatch tax wise reports etc.
10. GPMS-Public page integrated with Face Book Available for any Government department to display their project status for pubic in their particular location to view, send their feedback, comments, complaints or upload the photos, videos, audio's, documents, etc.
11. GPMS- Stake holder Management System Available for any Government department to validate their company vendors, beneficiaries, organizations employees, NGO's, MSME's, etc. online and update the information in real time to improve governance and accountability, public voice in governance, public pressure, and civil society engagement: Information collected from the field can be made available through public sites to improve transparency on program performance and public voice in governance. Stake Holder teams can access the dashboard through the internet and engage in continuous supervision from their offices
12. GPMS-Family Tree Available for any Government department or Individual to create or validate their tree information etc.
13. GPMS- Bullion Network System available For any Intelligence agency or Government department to use enabled to track the stake holder network information related to that particular specific project
14. GPMS-Financial Transaction Tracking System Available for tax department or Investigating agency use for collecting details or evidence required of the particular transaction related to the individuals or organizations
15. GPMS-Vault System available For any Individual person or any Government department use to validate the repository based on the various integrated GPMS databases.
16. GPMS- Beneficiary Verification System Available for any Government organization department use to improve evidence based decision making by policy-makers; governance and accountability; continuous monitoring of progress towards output / outcome indicators and collection of reliable information from the field
17. GPMS for Municipalities available For monitoring infrastructure Projects, GIS System for Road history, Property History, Advertising Hoardings, Health Information history, complaints and grievances history, Revenue and Expenditure history, etc.
18. GPMS for Finance Management System (FMS) - Available with Bank Payment Gate way for any Government department to track their General Payments and Receipts and do their bank reconciliation online by monitoring them online.
19. GPMS for Birth and Death Monitoring System available For any Govt. health department use to track the specific event taking place in the particular location or for monitoring online or for collecting information or reports from various Hospitals, PHC's, Nursing homes, etc.
20. GPMS for Education for monitoring students available for any school, college, university or educational institutions etc. especially for introducing the examination reforms into their institutions for managing and monitoring all their examinations related activities online, digitization of their student answer books, then comparing the answer book information with their results declared etc. online ( very useful for Preliminary, High school, Pre-University, UG and PG )
21. GPMS for Health Information Monitoring Cloud Based solutions available as hospital Information management, monitoring system for their patient/s to view their medical records online through secured access useful for any Govt. hospitals, PHC, country or any state etc.
22. GPMS-Connect- A cloud based video conferencing and surveillance online Facility enabled for tracking projects online and for monitoring safety onsite
23. GPMS Survey Forms System on any devise available for Beneficiary monitoring Of BPL families along with their social-demographic details for online capturing of information or verification towards delivery of the Govt. funded schemes.
24. GPMS for MSME- A cloud based solution available to monitor MSME programs and registrations online, Indian CST consultancy for preparing Business Proposals, Offering Video conferencing facility online, MSME GPMS IRMS customer relationship management system enabled to bring in the awareness and provide affordable computing to bring in the accountability.
25. GPMS-IRMS-CRM unified data and Information Trans-portal for open governance Single Window Unified Communications System for Governance Delivered Anytime, Anywhere, Any devise cloud solutions with GPMS-E-File Management system for any Govt. organization or department for monitoring and recording interactions of all their Citizens charter services, etc.
26. GPMS-Cloud computing solutions available For UID, programs, Schemes, Govt. Funds monitoring online, CSIR-Products and technologies monitoring services online.
27. GPMS e-Governance Facilitation Council Subject Matter Experts available from Indian CST as project management crowd sourcing services online, team compromises of Governance Experts- Retired IAS, IPS, IRS Officials, Bureaucrats, Judicial authorities, Public Sector & like-minded Public Servants etc., Domain Experts- Doctors, Engineers (All major discipline), Auditors, Charted Accountants, Lawyers, Project Management Professionals etc., Information Technology Experts, Specialized in e-Governance, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Security Technologies etc., Media, Public relations, Coverage, Case Study, Publications etc. offered as consultancy services under Indian CST.
28. GPMS enables real time Citizen Engagement & Feedback On outcomes and consequences of actions at each stage of the service delivery chain Connecting Policy Makers, Providers, Beneficiaries and their Voice that Enables Results Agenda, Good Governance and Clients.