Governance Experts

Retired IAS, IPS, IRS Officials, Bureaucrats, Judicial authorities, Public Sector & like-minded Public Servants etc.

Domain Experts

Doctors, Engineers (All major discipline), Auditors, Charted Accountants, Lawyers, Project Management Professionals etc.

Information Technology Experts

Specialized in e-Governance, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Security Technologies etc.

Media Experts

Public relations, Coverage, Case Study, Publications etc


All current and retired officials are being networked

Responsible for

  • Serve the expectation of Governance, protecting the needs & interest of Common Public
  • Thought Leadership
  • Setting Vision, Focus, Goals, Priorities
  • Kick-starting right initiatives/projects
  • Serves as Advisory Board on Governance
  • Government Interactions, Public participation, Public-Private Partnership
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Right vs. Right

Domain Experts

  • Specialized Professionals like Engineers, Doctors, Charted Accountants, Auditors, Project management professionals, Management professionals etc.

Responsible for

  • Thought Leadership
  • Innovation
  • 'Operational to Strategic' Focus
  • Helping to projects succeed through periodic Interventions


Specialized Experts who are Responsible for

  • Public relations 'Common Public'
  • Coverage
  • Case Study
  • Publications etc.

People Power

  • Crowd sourcing to Inclusion!
  • Doesn't want to be limited to capacity of our core team
  • Tapping into the talent of people all around the universe
  • "Being the change we want to see in the world"
  • Governing Needs
  • Research, Discovery, Awareness all around
  • Statistical, Analytical, Psychological Tools
  • Outcome
  • Scarcity & Poverty to Abundance & Well-being
  • Growth budget of India by people!
  • Governance Performance by Meaningful Statistics!

Indian CST is in the continuous process of taking people's participation, employing statistical toolkits, analytical methods, conducting research, discoveries to focus on this noble initiative of eliminating scarcity & poverty with abundance & well-being.