Collaborative Partnership MOU's with State Govt., Central Govt. and International Institutions for Indian CST's GPMS Cloud Computing Solutions

Sl. No Name of Organization Objective Deliverables Number of Years Current Project Status
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Live Animal:-  Captures the live animal information’s like species, breed, tag number, Date of Birth, Source, Dam and Sire information, Pregnancy details, Last calving date, Animal Movement, Milking Status, Farmer/Owner information and Location information.

Embryo:-  Capability to capture the embryo information such as source, sexed, Grade, Production Type, Pedigree details and Location information.

Animal Health Card:-  Capability to capture the Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis’s test status results, online

Vaccination Details:-  Capability to capture and store Vaccination Details online.

Ear Tag Change Form:-  Capability to capture and update the new Ear Tag information of the animal.

Artificial Insemination Information:-  Capability to capture and store AI Process online.

Pregnancy Details:-  Capability to capture and store Pregnancy Diagnosis information.

Calving Information:-  Capability to capture and store Calf details such as AI process, PD, Weight and Gender information etc., online.

3 years On-going
2 BBMP BBMP has signed MOU with of Indian CST to monitor all e-governance projects, GPMS-FMS General Receipts, Payments modules, property tax payments, hand holding, training all the BBMP officers, staff at their respective zones, maintaining the GPMS Solutions online and ensuring updating the GPMS-FMS BBMP's official portal with the up to date information, enabling the seamless operation of BBMP departments, multiple applications integrations as services to be addressed by INDIAN CST under this MOU for bringing transparency and accountability in monitoring real time collections and payments. 8 years On-going
3 Bangalore University BU has signed MOU with of Indian CST to collaborate and implement an Examination Processes Modernization Project, which will include undertaking of a consulting study to identify major loopholes in the current examination system and conceptualization, design, development, and implementation of solutions for reforms in the examination system, so as to address the loopholes identified and to improve the efficiency of and the security of the examination and evaluation processes. 1 years Successfully Completed
4 Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute BIACHRI and INDIAN CST have come together in a spirit of mutual interest to synergize their individual strengths and jointly to enable Citizens to Access their Electronic Health in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure continuity of care by improving the quality of care and services from patient safety aspect along with better decision making by healthcare professionals with information availability that enables sharing of health information among health care providers and data capture to support specific outcome monitoring and in the field of project management & monitoring of patients medical records by combining gene based medical care with health information technologies that could transform healthcare under Project Nirmala for Information Therapy. 5 years On-going
5 National Productivity Council This MOU establishes relationship between NPC and INDIAN CST to jointly identify, qualify and develop business opportunities and shall harness the combined strengths to work on key opportunities primarily in the Government / Public Sectors within India. Further, both parties would also work on mutually beneficial opportunities arising out of other sectors. NPC and INDIAN CST will immediately focus on Project Monitoring and Evaluation Assessments arising out of Central and State Governments, International Aid Agencies, World Bank, UNIDO etc. NPC will provide business development, domain expertise and programme management services and INDIAN CST will provide IT enabled solutions. 9 years On-going
6 CSIR-800 The purpose of this MOU of is to provide access of national resource data for use by people of the country, with the objective of helping in improvement of quality of life of 800 million people of the country lying at the bottom of the economic pyramid and CSIR has taken the help of INDIAN CST in project management of entire CSIR-800 program. 4 years On-going
7 CSIR-IGIB-TRISUTRA Unit Indian CST and CSIR-IGIB-TRISUTRA desire to implement, in the areas of mutual interest, cooperative and collaborative activities, which would address multidisciplinary scientific, technological and educational problems of relevance to the country.This is facilitated by the instrument of this MOU. Ayurgenomics focuses on discovery of prediction markers(s) for preventive and personalized medicine under the health care initiative affordable for all a CSIR India, Science and innovation for Transforming India. The Ayurgenomics project aims to survey 10,000 individuals across the country over a period of 2+ years. Indian CST has been taken as the collaborative research partner to develop a framework to generate e-questionnaires for any genotype to phenotype association study. It is therefore felt that initiating collaborative programs would be of considerable mutual benefit providing global accessibility based on a solid scientific credential creating inter-disciplinary expertise and developing marketability leads will be a major focus under this collaborative research activity. 8 years On-going